[Nearly] Zero Waste School Valentines

[Nearly] Zero Waste School Valentines

This is the first year that all four of my kids are in school and attending Valentine’s Day parties tomorrow where they will pass out the obligatory school valentines.

Between all of them, we had to make 84 valentines!

Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who provided ideas, supplies, a color printer, and even a table on which the kids could make a mess while creating all of these valentines.

They turned out SO CUTE.

Here’s our 2023 school Valentines:

Eleanor is my youngest [3-years-old] and she is in Pre-K with her sister Jojo.

My mother-in-law has a fancy cricut that cut out and printed these adorable valentines! [The pattern is on the cricut design site.] Eleanor put all the crayons in by herself. She did so well, I was so impressed. All the other kids got sick of making theirs halfway through [though they persevered], but Eleanor sat quietly at the table and attached the crayons for all 20 valentines. [I wrote her name since she doesn’t know how yet.]

Jojo is five-years-old and in the same Pre-K class as Eleanor [her birthday just misses the cut-off].

My mother-in-law found this heart arrow decoration set [which was originally designed to go on straws] on clearance, so we used pencils instead. My mother-in-law also printed the Happy Valentine’s Day labels to attach. I love pencils for Valentines [we’ve done it before] because it’s not candy or a piece of junk.

For both of my older kids, I let them choose from a few options. I didn’t want to buy the box of perforated valentines from the store, so I showed them a few different things and they decided to do popcorn—they LOVE popcorn. My mother-in-law found these cute printables and, hey, at least popcorn is a healthier snack than candy.


Theo is six [almost 7] and in first grade this year.

And finally, my girl Evangeline who is 8 and in third grade, had fun cutting out each of these labels and attaching them to the popcorn bags.

So there you have it! School valentines for 2023—DONE! Phew!

You can read about our previous years valentines by following the links below:

2019 – Cuties

2020 – Coloring Bookmarks

2021 – None [we homeschooled because of COVID]

2022 – Pencil Arrows

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow spreading the love!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️


2 thoughts on “[Nearly] Zero Waste School Valentines

  1. OMG. Culture shock!! Every kid has to do that for every kid in their class?! For cupid? The shops here do use VD as an excuse to promote 💩 but thankfully it hasn’t taken off… definitely not at kid level.


    1. Oh yeah it’s a big deal at schools. It’s basically just an opportunity to sell more crap here too, but the kids are definitely involved. Everyone has a class party and exchanges small gifts. I did it every year when I was in school too. Of course, I loved it when I was kid, but now I see it for what it is — consumer capitalism at its finest.

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