Carlson Countdown to Christmas 2018: Dec 22-25

Carlson Countdown to Christmas 2018: Dec 22-25

Well, I was definitely worn out by the end, but we made it through our 25 Days of Christmas Activities alive – though all three of the kids are sick now.

Maybe we had a bit too much fun. Is that possible?

Dec 22: Christmas slime

I admit, I had no plan for the 22nd and when the day arrived, I was too tired to do anything besides throw some glue and baking soda and glitter into a bowl for the kids to make “Christmas slime.”

And, of course, this was the highlight of their December.

What is it with kids and slime???

Dec 23: Train ride and 2Toots

We took the kids for a ride on the local Metra train station.

We went a total of two stops down the line to where a little train restaurant called 2Toots Train Whistle Grill sits right across from the station.

The kids LOVE this place! A little train delivers the food to your table which my kids think is just the coolest thing ever.

Ah, to be a toddler again…

And, of course, we can’t pass up the $.25 horse ride.

We started doing this last year, at the suggestion of a friend of mine, because the local Polar Express train rides cost more than we want to pay for an outing. But my kids think that five minutes on any train is great fun.

Maybe in a few years we’ll take the train all the way to Chicago!

Dec 24: Polar Express movie

Since Christmas Eve fell on Monday, which is our weekly movie night, we all stayed up late to watch The Polar Express together while cuddling under a blanket in our Christmas pjs and munching on popcorn.

Dec 25: Christmas Day traditions

Each Christmas we have monkey bread and orange julius for breakfast. We open presents and then get together with family for Christmas dinner.

Maybe another day I’ll share how we made more mindful gift choices this year and tried very hard not to add to our clutter or blow our budget and still give our children a wonderful Christmas.


It’s the day after Christmas and I need a long nap to recover.



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