Carlson Countdown to Christmas 2018: Dec 16-21

Carlson Countdown to Christmas 2018: Dec 16-21

This week has been busy…

Dec 16: Chocolate Pretzels for Neighbors

We decorated pretzel rods with chocolate using holiday themed molds.

Dec 17: Delivered Gifts to Neighbors

I wrapped up the pretzel rods and the kids and I distributed them to our closest neighbors [we don’t have many because we live in the woods].

Dec 18: Drive to see holiday light displays

I took the kids to see two residential light shows in our area.

Some of these people really go all out!

Dec 19: Puffy Paint snowmen

I mixed puffy paint using glue and shaving cream. The kids painted snowmen.

They turned out cute.

Theo’s is more like a melted snowman, which I think is awesome.

We also made snowmen cards for Eva’s preschool teachers. [I painted the snowmen and Evangeline added the accessories.]

Dec 20: Evangeline’s preschool holiday program

The class had prepared a short program with some holiday songs and rhymes. Evangeline did great, and any fears about her getting stage fright are long gone.

She gave us a gift that she has made in class and she and Brett did a craft together while I fed crackers and cheese to Theo and Josephine.

She also gave her gifts to her teachers.

I’m glad we were all able to attend the event. It’s only preschool – but it’s so special to Evangeline. And it was so darn cute!

Dec 21: Gingerbread houses with Auntie Paula

This year, all the cousins [who are local] got together to decorate gingerbread houses with Auntie Paula.

It was messy. It was chaotic. A LOT of candy was consumed, but a surprising amount also made it onto the houses.

This annual tradition is one of my favorites! Our Auntie Paula is just the greatest!

🍬 🍬 🍬

Only three days left before Christmas!!!!


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