October Shopping Audit [and WE’RE MOVING! – for real this time]

October Shopping Audit [and WE’RE MOVING! – for real this time]

In the beginning of 2020 we were getting ready to move to downtown Chicago because of Brett’s new job with the Chicago Cubs. Then came the pandemic, shut downs, layoffs, unemployment, murders, protests, presidential campaigns, homeschooling, virtual marathons, two new jobs for me and a really great job offer for Brett and, between the two of us, lots and LOTS of job interviews…

And here we are.

We have finally made it into the final stretch of 2020 and we are once again planning to move for Brett’s [new] new job. This time, however, we aren’t moving to the city. Quite the opposite. We are moving to southern Illinois, to a small farming town with a population of 5,500.

This is going to take some getting used to…

I’ve always lived in suburbs, but my heart has always been in the city. I like the idea of living in the country, but there are some big downsides to living in a small town. For instance, I’m going to have to figure out how to recycle in a town that doesn’t have recycling pickup.


Also, I’m going to have to drive forty-five minutes to the closest bulk store.


AND everyone in the town voted for Trump!!!!


[Well, I do actually know of one democrat in the town, but as she said, “We are few and far between.”]

Oh man.

But there are up-sides to the small town too. My in-laws will be a mile away. [That may not sound great to some people, but I love my in-laws!] The living is cheap. The pace is slow. The people are friendly. The vegetables are fresh and the corn is a-plenty! Also, they act like covid doesn’t exist down there – probably because it pretty much doesn’t.

So before I get into our shopping last month, I wanted to give you a heads up that this blog is heading south and I’m going to be basically starting from scratch on the whole zero waste thing.

Now, let’s get to the point.

What we bought

Well, this past month was our absolute worst when it comes to spending, but our issue wasn’t buying stuff – it was buying food.

So, I’ve got to focus on getting that under control going forward.

Car expenses

We spent $51.38 on car parts so we could change a headlight bulb and solve an emissions problem.

Household expenses

I bought new castile soap for making dish soap which cost $13.80 for six bars. We also spent $139.32 for the materials to replace our second bathroom floor before we sell the house [which, unfortunately, had to be done]. Brett did all the work himself, so this was a savings for sure.

Isn’t that pretty?!

Homeschooling expenses

I also spent $65.50 on school supplies like a rock collection and geodes for our unit on the rock cycle [definitely wasn’t necessary, so I chalk that up to a moment of weakness].

Totally worth the money, just for this adorable photo!

Clothing/Personal expenses

Brett bought me some clothes for $115 as a “surprise” [which is what he calls spending money on me without telling me because he knows I won’t approve but will be guilted into accepting]. It is actually very comfy, ethical and sustainable underwear, bras and yoga pants, so I guess overall he did good. I bought a meLuna menstrual cup for $30.40 because the one I have just ain’t working for me anymore. [I plan to review this zero waste menstrual solution eventually.]

Miscellaneous Expenses

Brett paid $31.00 for a new “real ID” which will be mandatory for flying next year. I picked up heavy duty packing tape for $8.99 – for the obvious reason. And we spent $33.00 on firewood on our camping trip.

[The beer bottle came with the fire pit… 🤷‍♀️]

Our final big expense [which was actually a service rather than a product and therefore doesn’t typically count] was $500 for family photos.

Since we are moving, I had to have the photos in the woods behind our house which we absolutely ADORE and I will miss so, so much.

So that was our spending for October.

I mean, it could have been worse…

Instead of buying used Halloween costumes as I typically do [because Halloween is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!], we just let the kids pick from the dress up box.

What a cute little lion! 🥰

We also gave away A TON of stuff. The moment we made the decision to move, I went through closets and clothes piles and random clutter and CLEANED HOUSE, literally and figuratively. It was the kind of fun that only I enjoy.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to new adventures ahead for our family! I’ll keep you posted!

🧳 🧳 🧳


11 thoughts on “October Shopping Audit [and WE’RE MOVING! – for real this time]

  1. Good luck with the move Karis! I am sure you will see that your dollar goes a LOT farther down in Southern Illinois. Were you able to find a new house yet? I was born and raised in Normal, IL and I will say that is a very republican area but I am sure if you’re further south you’ll find even less democrats than where I was raised.

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    1. Thank you, Lindsay! We are going to live in my partner’s grandmother’s old house [she passed away this summer] for the time being. We will live in Carmi, which is several hours further south from Normal [what a great town name to be born in, by the way!!]. I’m not really that hard on republicans. All of my family and Brett’s family are Republicans. So I am familiar with being the odd one out. 😜

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      1. Good Luck with the small town living. Do you have plans to work following the move? I’ve strangely enough heard of Carmi, IL. I have a friend with family there and it is a very small town. So there will definitely be some adjustments needed but at least it will give you something to chat about on the blog. lol! Also, maybe down the line you can build a house perfect for you family in the area! 🙂


      2. I don’t plan to work in Carmi – but maybe an opportunity will pop up. 🤷‍♀️ This will be the first time I’m unemployed since high school…life is about to really change! I hope you are doing well! Still in WI? Hopefully not going into lockdown again! 🤞


      3. Eek. Well, I am sure there will be lots of outdoor time when in Carmi … I know there are plenty of hiking areas in Southern IL so you’ll definitely have to check those out!
        I am in Minnesota still for work and right now we aren’t near a lockdown but with the new president coming into to power in January I can’t imagine us NOT going into an unnecessary lock-down. I hope the conservative leaders fight this!


      4. Sorry! I was thinking you were in Milwaukee, but I was probably confusing it with Minneapolis 🤦‍♀️. Yes, definitely crossing my fingers that no more lock-downs are needed! 🤞


      5. I can tell you its easy to get the two mixed up, easily. I am praying for no more lockdowns but unfortunately until they can get these numbers to start going down again I can’t foresee a different path. When do you guys make your move? Before Christmas?


      6. Illinois has already begun to tighten restrictions again due to Covid. ☹️ I am not too affected personally now that Brett’s job is essential, but I feel for all the people whose businesses and livelihoods will suffer. We were there in March and know what it’s like to go through the uncertainty. As for the move, we are planning to move our stuff in early January, but we may relocate down there earlier since we already have a house. How do you like MN? Will you be coming back to IL in the future?


      7. Yes, that’s great that your husbands new job is essential … do you mind me asking what he’s doing now?
        I love MN except for the current Covid Restrictions. Haha! Darn democratic governor’s all seem to be targeting businesses which doesn’t feel fair.
        I won’t be coming back to IL any time soon because as much I don’t like Walz I like Pritzker even less. Haha! Also, my job and my new house is here in MN. I probably will go and visit some friends in bloomington/normal once this craziness all passes. Also, you may want to consider moving sooner rather than later because with covid there is SO much uncertainty! 😦
        Fortunately if youre near your husbands family you’ll likely be able to spend the holidays with them! ❤


      8. He works for Amazon now, managing a distribution center. 👍🏻 I bet MN is beautiful, but I don’t know how I would like the cold! I want to move south for the warmer weather 😁 And, crazy enough, we already moved down here because brett’s training scheduled changed. Just waiting on our house to sell and the movers to bring us our stuff now. I hope you are able to be with family or friends for Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday!


      9. Congrats on your expedited move! I am sure that’s exciting. You should do a new home tour! How are you adjusting to small town life? It is definitely chilly here up north. No celebrating today … my family is all separate today but oh well I guess it’s just another day after all!


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