April Clothing Donation

April Clothing Donation

April was the final month of my year-long commitment to donate twenty-six items of clothing from my wardrobe each month.

Here are the results for the year:

Clothing items donated: 323 (gave some extra a few times)

Clothing items acquired: 5 (2 gifts, 1 work uniform, 2 race shirts)

Clothing items purchased: 0 (bought no clothes at all – not for me or my kids. My husband did buy some clothes for work and bought me one of the above mentioned gifts)

[The shopping ban officially ends at the end of May on my 32nd birthday, but I’ll talk more about that then.]

The conclusion of this challenge [or experiment or whatever you want to call it] has come at the perfect time – right before I give birth to my fourth and final baby. So, on one hand, I am still holding on to some larger sizes that I will be able to permanently get rid of as soon as I shrink out of them AND a wealth of maternity clothes that I am anxious to find a good home for – possibly with a local pregnancy center. But, on the other hand, it has allowed me to clear out my wardrobe before the newborn craziness begins and my priorities switch once again to meeting the constant needs of the baby. Couldn’t have timed it better if I tried, quite honestly.

Soon I’ll be sharing my favorite ethical clothing brands that I plan to support in he future – in the absence of used clothing options.


What are your favorite ethical clothing brands?


2 thoughts on “April Clothing Donation

  1. I must ask HOW in the world do you have ANY clothes left? I don’t think I have EVER owned more than say 250 clothing items (not counting socks, underwear, or undershirts). How have you not purchased kids clothes in the past year?? Did they not change in clothing sizes or did you just have plenty of hand me downs??


    1. I know right? I started with 486 individual items!!! but I counted socks, underwear, and undershirts (I had 57 undershirts!). I don’t even think of myself as someone who cares much about clothes. 🤷‍♀️ As for the kids, I did have a collection of hand-me-downs that I’ve been rotating through. At one point last fall my oldest needed socks and I tried to buy her some from several resale shops because I committed to only buying used for the kids, but no one carries used socks so I texted my sis-in-law and asked if she would sell me her daughter’s used socks and she gave me a box with socks and other stuff. 👍🏻 We get hand-me-downs from other cousins for my son. And my youngest wears her sister’s old clothes. We bought my son a pair of used snow boots this winter – but I didn’t count shoes in this whole thing. But I know that I will obviously have to buy them clothes eventually.

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